The Masters Book of BonsaiBonsai Bookshelf Als Bonsai Jamestown. CA Pick up on site. Everything bonsai, workshop, books, tools, bonsai for your collecting or gifting, etc.
Photographic History of the Civil War. 10 complete volumes in 5 books, over 2000 original photographs. 1. The opening battles, Two years of grim war 2. The decisive battles, The cavalry. 3. Forts and Artillery, The Navies 4. Soldier Life Secret Service, Prisons and Hospitals. 5. The armies and leaders, Poetry and Eloquence. Outer box is worn but books are in great condition.
June 1994-July 1998 49 total $90Great classic pictures of elegant interiors. Good inspiration for designing custom home theaters or audio systems.
Guaranteed to be complete in 32 original parts. Published by Harper Brothers in 1899, following the war of 1898. An introduction by Major-General Nelson A. MilesAre you a history buff who reads everything you can lay your hands on The pictures will make the text come to life for you. Your collection of Harpers Pictorial History of the Spanish American War will be complete with this one purchase...
Two books of sheet music for harmonicas. Both are used, but in good condition-no marked, torn or missing pages.Beatles Greatest Hits For HarmonicaHits Of Peter, Paul and Mary Made Easy For Chromatic HarmonicasThe Beatles music can be played on a Chromatic or Diatonic harp.The Beatles book has 27 songs, the PPM book 12 songs. All are classics.
$65.00 for the set of 16 - or $4.00 for each individual bookRequiem for a Mezzo Murder on the flying Scotsman Damsel in Distress Dead in the Water Styx and Stones Rattle His Bones To Davy Jones Below The Case of the Murdered Muckraker Mistletoe and MurderDie Laughing A Mourning Wedding Fall of a PhilanderGunpowder PlotThe Bloody Tower Black ShipSheer Follyt